We like it mossy

Posted in Serious fun, Shine baby shine! by noisemakers on 22/06/2009

And we do love the fact that you can boil water with an electric kettle in a desert for that nice cuppa.


We like the eco logo compilation on Andrew Kinnear’s blog.


Lovely animated .gif from Gesticulation.


Ways to save on drying your hair #01. three frames.


Light me up baby!

Posted in Shine baby shine! by noisemakers on 02/06/2009


Hold my hand and we will have fun at the Polygon Playground.

Tronic heat up with Next World.

Tripping somewhere between the reality and dream of the fluorescent tube.

Every light-tripping teenager like you need one of this DVD in your player: GRAVITAS: Portraits of a Universe in Motion.

And lastly, we always give you something to add to your “oh-gosh-I-got-me-one-of-that” list. The Luminodot. Coming to a shopping mall near you.