We bring you places

Posted in Fun, Serious fun by noisemakers on 29/06/2009

See the most obscure places you never thought exist at Atlas Obscura.


Our personal favourite is the Incan bridge. Aparently it’s the last one.

wejetset, another good mouse click. Other than the happenings around the world, they also feature some good traveling gears to spend your money on.


We like it mossy

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And we do love the fact that you can boil water with an electric kettle in a desert for that nice cuppa.


We like the eco logo compilation on Andrew Kinnear’s blog.


Lovely animated .gif from Gesticulation.


Ways to save on drying your hair #01. three frames.

Skate and goal!

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Going green in Madrid.

We Make Your Life Better.

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“This Is Where We Live” is a beautifully executed film for 4th Estate Publishers’ 25th Anniversary.

Myla brings to us a very very nice 12 days of Christmas.

With NetVibes, you can now bring your personal browser start page anywhere you go. Just like getting access to all the blogs you are keeping track of using Bloglines. And who can do without their very own collection of music everywhere they go. Now go out there and make all their computers yours!

With the holidays just around the corner, rework your skills on Tetris, just a bit different this time.

And we have Playful Spaces by Bruno Taylor.

The Creation Issue

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You might not believe it but this is a calculator. The CURTA Calculator was one of the smallest portable calculator before the electronic ones were introduced. Try your hands on one here if you don’t wanna spend a bomb getting one from Ebay.

We at Assembly have been rather busy these couple of days, creating stuff on Myoats.

You can spend your weekends creating objects of desire.

You can make your living room look very designer with big lamps made from Ikea lampan lamps.