We bring you places

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See the most obscure places you never thought exist at Atlas Obscura.


Our personal favourite is the Incan bridge. Aparently it’s the last one.

wejetset, another good mouse click. Other than the happenings around the world, they also feature some good traveling gears to spend your money on.


Go crazy with your hands

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Meat cards is running a competition for you to own your very own set of 4″x11″ slab of beef jerky with your own name card laser seared directly onto the slab. We don’t know what you’re gonna do with it or who you wanna give it to, but it seems like a pretty cool accessory for your freezer box.

And check out this super cool geek’s site! Really crazy building going on here.

If you have that ancient ipod hanging around your desk for the past 5 years, why not do something with it?

We like it mossy

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And we do love the fact that you can boil water with an electric kettle in a desert for that nice cuppa.


We like the eco logo compilation on Andrew Kinnear’s blog.


Lovely animated .gif from Gesticulation.


Ways to save on drying your hair #01. three frames.

Let’s travel!

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We have another engaging piece from Thomas Eberwein. Untitled Painting. Drawing inspirations from Gerhard Richter’s series of overprinted photographs.

Life skills

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Hello, we’ll like to tell you a little bit about how we can turn boys to men. Click here. Watch all the video. Go ahead and impress them with your newly acquired skills.

CD bubbles

Make-your-own CD bubbles.

Of course, you can find uses of the stuff you had left in the garage back in your pimpled-face days.

You need to have freckles at least once in your lifetime.

And finally, Meat Water! Drink your dinner. The future is now.

Heaps of Science Projects!

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Most of us loves science projects when we are younger, so why not now?

And what fun is there with science if you don’t have any multi-limbs, partialy mutated creatures


Art patrons, ‘fraid not… you can ‘pretend’ to be into science with the all new Kaws X futurist extrodiaire Sorayama (creator of future Mickey) toy figure that’s in the pipeline.

Future Mickey

Skate and goal!

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Going green in Madrid.

We Make Your Life Better.

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“This Is Where We Live” is a beautifully executed film for 4th Estate Publishers’ 25th Anniversary.

Myla brings to us a very very nice 12 days of Christmas.

With NetVibes, you can now bring your personal browser start page anywhere you go. Just like getting access to all the blogs you are keeping track of using Bloglines. And who can do without their very own collection of music everywhere they go. Now go out there and make all their computers yours!

With the holidays just around the corner, rework your skills on Tetris, just a bit different this time.

And we have Playful Spaces by Bruno Taylor.

Instruction Not Included, again.

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Meggy Jr RGB is a new open source pixel graphic gaming kit. Create your very own pixel graphic games and share with your friends!

Upside-down House spotted in Germany. Built your own in your own backyard.

You will need to learn how to ride a bicycle if you wanna own the Plus Bike by Fabio Bortolani and Ermanno Righi from Dovetusai.

Paul Armstrong’s web.without.words gives a very interesting view into that part of the design process. Black boxes.

We would like you to count every second of your life and know that there are 150 trees cut every second.

Instructions Not Included.

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“An image a day and an MP3 to go with it, for no obvious reason.” says THE GUARDIAN. We like that.

MTV Archive. Enuff said.

You essential guide on How to Beat Up Anything. For that angsty little teenager in you.


This is Sand is fun.